Rebooting the Place!

Long time no see, aye? I’m sorry for abandoning everyone for so long. I started to get more comfortable on DeviantArt and tumblr (I later deleted tumblr for personal reasons) and uploading on all 3 (4 if you count scratch) sites became a hassle.

I started remembering just how much I missed WordPress, though. After all, it was the first social media site I used, way back in the days of 2012… Ah, such memories from that time. And yet I still use the XD emote.

Anyway, I plan to change somethings with my return- Along with my art, I may possibly begin posting short stories again! Now worries, these will be nothing like the monstrosities you would find on my old blog; many of these I have been working on for months. I actually plan putting up a “status” page right after I post this, to help inform everyone on where exactly I am with my projects.

I would avoid my “Navigation Tips and FAQ” page for the time being. It is highly outdated.

So long for now~ ❤


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